Answers to the most frequently asked questions about shipcon. If you have further questions please click here to contact us.

Where do I find my access data from the shipping service provider?

You will receive the access data exclusively through your chosen shipping service provider. These will be defined and created upon the conclusion of the contract.

Which shipping service providers are available for shipping label creation through shipcon?

Currently we only offer a direct connection through DHL. The connection with further shipping service providers is currently being worked on.

Do I need a contract/account with the shipping service?

Do I have to pay for the label at the shipping service?

Yes, shipcon offers the option to use your shipping service contract directly in shopify and to create shipping labels there. You pay the shipping costs directly to the shipping service provider.

How do I fix a bad recipient address for shipping label creation?

In principle, address validation of the recipient’s address takes place with every shipping label creation. If this is incorrect, for example due to a missing house number, the corresponding field will be highlighted in red. Manual editing is possible within seconds. After saving the corrected data, the shipping label will be created.

Why is my order status not set to "fulfilled" after the successful creation of the shipping label?

When creating a shipping label, the checkbox “Fulfill order” must be selected if the status of the order changes to “fulfilled”. In principle, the checkbox is selected by default. If the tick is removed, the order status of the order remains unchanged. The preset can be changed under App Preferences.

Why is no return label generated during the creation of the shipping label?

When creating a shipping label, the “Return label needed” checkbox must be selected if a return label is to be created at the same time as the shipping label. In principle, the checkbox is selected by default. If the checkbox is empty, no return label will be created. The preset can be changed under App Preferences.

What options do I have if individual items are not available within the order?

Basically, you have the option to create partial shipments from the Pro package. The corresponding items and the ordered quantity are displayed when creating the shipping label. There you can easily edit the number of items to be shipped. For each partial shipment, a separate fulfillment process for the order is stored in shopify.

Why can't I create a bulk label?

Bulk Label creation is available with the Basic package. If you want to create several shipping labels at once, an upgrade from the Free package to the Basic package is necessary.

Will the shipment information be recorded in shopify?

Yes, shipcon automatically requests shipment updates from the shipping service provider for each shipping label created and updates them in the order.

Is it possible to switch from monthly payments to annual payments?

The change from monthly payments to annual payments is possible at any time. Upon completion of the annual payment method, you will benefit from corresponding discounts.

Is the lifetime payment really forever?

Yes, if you opt for the Lifetime purchase, you pay only once and can use all features of the selected package throughout the life of the app.

Can I downgrade my package at any time?

A downgrade is possible with monthly and annual payment. The downgrade will be activated at the end of the respective billing period. A downgrade for Lifetime payment is excluded.


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