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Use shipcon to create shipping labels for your packages. shipcon is an extension for shopify with which you can directly create and print shipping labels from shopify. In addition to the sender and shipping address, you can create return labels. The printed label includes the order number, the weight of the package and the shipping date.


Install the app from shopify app store and follow the instructions in setup wizard.


Creating a single label can be done in a few steps. This is available in the free version.

1. Label creation

First, click on an order in the shopify backend. You can find the option “Get Shipping Label” under the dropdown “More Actions”.

2. Selecting shipping service provider

You can create a shipping label by clicking on “Get Shipping Label”. You can select one of your deposited shipping service providers under “Type” for the shipping label creation.

3. Preparation for shipping

Select the “Fulfill order” checkbox if the status of the selected items is to be set to “executed” after successful creation of the shipping label.

4. Creating return labels

The checkbox “Return label needed” should be selected if you wish to create a return label.

5. Partial fulfillment

The corresponding items and the ordered quantity are displayed when creating the shipping label. There you can easily edit the number of items to be sent.

6. Select package size

You can choose the package size under the dropdown “Package”. Package sizes can be predefined under App Preferences.

7. Sender and recipient address

The sender address of the merchant can be selected, depending on the address specified under shopify locations. The delivery address is automatically generated from the customer’s order in the shop.

8. Return address

The return address is predefined by the merchant and can be selected via the drop-down “Return Receiver Address”.

9. Confirmation

Your shipping label will be created by clicking “Create”. Address confirmation of the delivery address takes place in the background.

10. Download shipping label

After successfully checking the address information, the shipping label is created, displayed, printed or downloaded by clicking “PDF”.


It’s possible to create multiple shipping labels at once with shipcon. Bulk Label creation is available with the Basic package. Simply select several orders on the order page in the shopify backend. Then, under the “More Actions” dropdown, click on “Get Shipping Label” and follow the previous steps.


If the address verification is incorrect, it’s possible to edit the address manually. Click on the error message to open an address window containing the data to be corrected. By clicking on “Update”, the error will be fixed, and the label will now be printable.


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